Plantation Shutters for Arched Windows in Cleveland

Arched windows are stunning, but they can be difficult to decorate with ordinary window treatments. Fortunately, arched shutters are some of the most common specialty window treatments that Sunburst Shutters Cleveland manufactures. Arched windows, radius windows, semicircle windows – no matter what you refer to them as, shutters will be a perfect fit.

Take a look at the features and benefits of Cleveland plantation shutters for arched and curved windows and let’s find out whether they’re right for you.

The Benefits of Arched Shutters

Why are shutters a great choice for arched windows? Here’s a few features of shutters.

Maintain Your Windows’ Arch Shape

The fact that they’re custom made to your specific window is the greatest benefit of plantation shutters. In fact, Sunburst Cleveland uses custom software to fully build your shutters, canvasing every curve, angle and inch.

So unlike other window treatments, you don’t need to obscure its beautiful arch shape behind a boring square window treatment. Arched windows can make a big statement in your home, and shutters let them do it.


Long Lasting Style

Plantation shutters almost always last a lot longer than other kinds of window treatments. And their timeless aesthetics make them a versatile choice, so there’s no reason to replace them to change the colors and styles in your space.

Polywood® plantation shutters are perfect for arched windows found in places like the bathroom or kitchen. Polywood is 100% moisture proof, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the material and installation.


Your Options for Arched Shutters in Cleveland

The options for arched shutters are about as diverse as the windows in your house. Take a look.

Shutter Material

Sunburst builds custom arched shutters in these materials:

  • Polywood - Our premier brand of shutters. Cleveland’s most energy-efficient, practical shutters.

  • Ovation - Made from natural basswood, Ovation wood shutters bring the look of natural wood to your arched windows.

Louvered Arches vs. Sunburst Arches

For certain types of arched windows, we offer two louver styles: louvered arches and Sunburst arches. Choose the one whose looks you like best!

Louvered Arch ShuttersSunburst arch


Depending on the material you choose, we offer a wide array of colors for your shutters to match your furniture, color scheme, or your own personal taste.

FAQs about Arched Shutters

My arched window isn’t perfectly curved. Can shutters still fit it?

Absolutely! Custom shutters are able to fit any window in your home. Our proprietary design software creates each shutter uniquely, mapping out the exact dimensions and curves of your window.


How do I measure an arched window for shutters?

Arched window measurements can be a huge pain to deal with. Learn more by looking through our guide for measuring windows, or better yet have us measure your windows for youat no charge!


Will my existing trim get in the way of shutters?

They sure can. Our arched shutters are offered in an array frame styles and mounts, able to fit any window style or existing trim.


Are the louvers on Sunburst arches adjustable?

All the louvers are easily adjustable on sunburst arches. Unlike with horizontal louvers, they don’t have a tilt rod to adjust the louvers, so they can be adjusted by hand.


Call Sunburst Cleveland for your Arched Window Needs

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