What Are The Top Window Treatments For Over The Kitchen Sink In Cleveland?

Nate Gromen

If you’re looking for window treatments, don’t overlook the kitchen -- even if your space only has one window over the sink. If you’re worried about the constant spattering of food and water disfiguring a window treatment over the kitchen sink in your Cleveland home, install durable faux-wood shutters. These products add appeal to any space but stand up to the often wet and messy kitchen environment.

Plantation shutters over a farmhouse kitchen sink.

Distinctive Plantation Shutters Elevate All Cleveland Kitchens

Window treatments over your kitchen sink in Cleveland need to be practical and long-lasting. However, you can still get plenty of style when you install popular, faux-wood plantation shutters.

This sought-after product melds effortlessly with all types of kitchens. They come in in several shades of white that harmonize well with kitchen appliances and finishes, and their strong panels of functional louvers offer a counterpoint to the flatter, more uniform aspects of your kitchen. Polywood materials convey understated elegance to both high-end and restrained kitchens and all spaces between.

Polywood shutters in a Cleveland gourmet kitchen.

Interior Shutters Stand Up To Heat And Water

Have you ever seen condensation along the window glass when doing dishes or heating water to a boil? That moisture latches on to window treatments over your Cleveland kitchen sink, where it may impact the integrity of traditional cloth curtains or shades as time passes.

Install faux wood shutters instead. Their wood substitute and durable finish are resistant to a moist and steamy environment. In fact, these products are completely waterproof. They will never warp, chip, or split from the humidity in your kitchen.

Sunshine and weather extremes also won’t impact on the Polywood material. On your kitchen window, these plantation shutters endure both cold drafts and powerful UV rays. These exceptional window coverings will never expand or shrink from the cold outside and heat inside, nor will they discolor or fade from the sun.

Plantation shutters in a bright Cleveland kitchen.

Polywood Plantation Shutters Welcome Light Into Your Kitchen

Lighting is important in your Cleveland kitchen. It would be silly to harm yourself because you’re struggling to see what you’re doing! Polywood shutters give you the right amount of additional light and are easy to operate. Simply swing the panels outward or use the tilt rod to move the louvers up and down. You’ll never have to fuss with cords that always get tangled or pull bars that are too high to reach when you need more illumination.

When looking for a flood of sunlight, let the panels swing open entirely. If the sun is blinding, close the panels and move the tilt bar to your desired light settings. If needed, alter the slat position to eliminate unwanted glare within your space. If you don’t like neighbors looking into your kitchen at night, move the slats to the closed position for total privacy.

Polywood shutters in a Cleveland kitchen.

Polywood Faux Wood Shutters Clean Up Easily

It’s common for kitchen surfaces to become covered in food particles and grease stains. Any window treatment over your Cleveland kitchen sink needs to clean up easily. With this in mind Polywood perfect on a kitchen window. Their hard, smooth finish won’t absorb stains and odors like cloth alternatives. A simple wipe with a soft, dampened cloth, and they look good as new.

You don’t have to spend too much time gently reaching your duster through the slats as you would with inferior blinds. The well-made louvers are durable, and you can choose wide louvers for your custom shutters that provide ample space for you to move around.

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