Best Window Treatments For The Midwest and Cleveland

Nate Gromen

As a Cleveland resident, you understand the struggle of keeping your home at the right temperature during bitter winters and sweltering, muggy summers. The right window treatments can help.

Plantation shutters and window shades increase your home's energy efficiency and hold up against the Midwestern weather. They even look beautiful while doing it! Learn more about the most popular window treatments for the Midwest to insulate your windows and enhance your home’s interior.
Plantation shutters on uniquely shaped windows.

Polywood® Shutters, Beautiful Window Treatments for the Midwest

Interior shutters are the most versatile window treatments for the Midwest. They look elegant and add comfort to your Cleveland home. Cleveland homeowners love interior shutters' sleek lines and neutral colors because they can be used with most home styles and design. Our Polywood® shutters look great in prairie style houses, farmhouses, and Colonial-style homes, alike.

Polywood shutters are energy-efficient. Other window treatments don't block outside heat as well as Polywood does. Polywood’s unique properties insulates windows up to 70% better than other window treatments. This special design help keep your home cozy and stops outside temperatures.

Polywood shutters also guard against humidity better than other window treatments in the Midwest. They are resistant to moisture and bitter temperatures. As compared to wood shutters, they won’t crack, warp or yellow and last longer than any other window covering.

Custom Polywood shutters can cover any window, from tall picture windows to petite gable windows. They don't obscure the distinctive shape of circular or arched windows. And their louvers still open and close on any size of windows for light and privacy control.

Cellular shades in a living room.

Cellular Shades Increase Your Cleveland Home's Energy Efficiency

Cellular shades also work well with most homes in the Midwest. Homeowners like that cellular shades mimic drapery but protect your windows better than curtains. Their many colors and textures suit both rustic and contemporary homes. You can use semi-translucent shades to let in sunlight or opaque ones for enhanced privacy.

Just like shutters, cellular shades improve your home's energy efficiency. Their unique fabric cells block heat loss or gain better than other window shades. Midwest humidity doesn’t damage cellular shades, either. Their fabric guards against humidity so that their accordian-like folds keep their unique shape.

Roller shades covering a large foyer window.

Durable Roller Shades Resist Moisture

Roller shades are also a great choice for window treatments in the Midwest. This interior shade is also offered in many colors, but its classic style makes it perfect for any room.

Roller shades are offered in different opacities that let you control how much sunlight comes in to your space. The more light, the hotter a space becomes. Many Cleveland homeowners use blackout roller shades to minimize this heat and get some privacy.

Another reason homeowners like roller shades in the Midwest: they are sturdy and don’t have folds which trap moisture from the air. Unlike curtains, your roller shades will not develop a musty smell during a humid summer.


Window Treatments for the Midwest by Sunburst

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