Best Window Treatments For Privacy In Cleveland

Nate Gromen

Letting daylight through your windows is an important aspect of creating the right indoor environment. The sun’s rays brighten your daily activities and takes your decor to a new level. Even so, many Cleveland property owners don’t let enough light in, as opening your window treatments also gives neighbors a full view into your house.

Fortunately, there’s no need to sacrifice your privacy for outdoor light with the right window treatments for privacy in Cleveland -- Polywood® plantation shutters!

Polywood shutters in a living room.

Durable Plantation Shutters Are Crafted to Protect Your Privacy

Plantation shutters are custom crafted for the right mix of light and privacy. Thanks to small gaps and due to the small spaces, you can create and a full range of movement, you can freely adjust your louvers to allow the right amount of daylight while concealing your home from curious onlookers.

Enjoy greater command of the amount of light in your home by customizing with your choice of slat sizes: the 4.5” for enhanced viewing and ease of cleaning, 3.5” customary sizing or the 2.5” option. Regardless of the width or height of your window, rest assured that your made-to-measure shutters will fit perfectly while still welcoming an abundance of natural light.

A nice benefit of Polywood shutters is that they can be fitted to your specialty windows too. Unusual window openings like circles and arches can be difficult to accommodate and may create a privacy issue. But plantation shutters are custom built to your exact window dimensions, meaning you can just angle the slats for sunshine and privacy, while still enjoying the dazzling design element of your distinctive windows.

Roller shades in a living room.

Additional Window Treatments For Privacy in Cleveland

If you need something different than a plantation shutter that still gives you the ability to balance light and privacy, you might consider several additional options:

  • Zebra Shades: Using a zebra shade gives you an impressive amount of light flexibility. This product is made from a continuous loop of fabric that alternates sheer and solid paneling. If lined up properly, the the product seems to have stripes, allowing the light to filter through. When you want complete blackout shade, simply move the solid panels so they achieve your goal.

  • Sheer Shades: If you believe a plantation shutter might be a bit much, you can try a sheer shade. This type of product works similarly to interior shutters, since they are constructed with movable slats between two layers of sheer fabric. Sunshine enters through the fabric, and you can tilt the slats to get the amount of desired privacy.

  • Roller Shades For Complete Privacy: There are many options when considering roller shades in Cleveland. But if you’re looking for total seclusion, opaque shades work better than sheer shades as they stop onlookers from perceiving shadows through your windows when it’s dark out.

Sunburst Shutters Cleveland Can Bring You the Best Window Treatments for Privacy in Cleveland

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