3 Ways Polywood Shutters Are Better Than Hollow Vinyl And Composite Shutters In Cleveland, Ohio

Nate Gromen
Wherever you look in Cleveland, there are plenty of plantation shutters choices. And when you want to know which non-wood shutter is the best for your home, some differences may be tough to recognize. You can unknowingly choose the wrong type and find yourself investing in low quality shutters. Are solid polymer shutters, like our best-selling Polywood® shutters, worth more than composite shutters? Find out the three ways Polywood shutters are better than composite shutters in Cleveland, Ohio so you can choose.

1. Polywood vs Composite Shutters Durability

Polywood shutters are fashioned from a top grade solid polymer that ensures the most durability, rigidity, and color-retention than any other shutter money can buy. With that, the shutter louvers won’t warp over time. On the other hand, composite shutters are built from a pressed-board core, wrapped with poly-vinyl. The vinyl enveloping the pressed board is likely to peel off from the core material easily. And this peeling happens even faster in humid, wet, and hot environments. Hollow vinyl shutters are another option for non-wood shutters. But they disintegrate the fastest in large part due to the elements.

Composite Shutters In Cleveland, Ohio - broken 

Both types of non-wood shutters are susceptible to deterioration and warping when you consider all the weather conditions in Cleveland. Polywood is manufactured with UV inhibitors that deflect heat. And because heat is the leading culprit in chipping the shutter louvers, Polywood is without a doubt the most durable plantation shutter for your home.

2. Polywood vs Composite Shutters Color Fastness

Polywood shutters come in three exceptional white paints. We bake the paint finishes on each part at temperatures hotter than it will ever get in Cleveland, Ohio. Our patented finishing process uses UV inhibitors and ensures the color will never fade.
Other types of non-wood shutters finishes are limited to either low quality paint finish or no paint finish at all. In the majority of cases, the vinyl layer is the final color. This finish may look good initially, but it fades as time goes by. And some hollow vinyls are painted. But since the material conducts heat, this seriously influences the finish day after day.

3. Polywood vs Composite Shutters Energy Efficiency

Third party testing shows that Polywood shutters block up to 30° of temperature and lead to reduction of heat transfer by up to 45%. This means that Polywood insulates up to 70% better than even the best solid wood shutter.
It’s the heat blocking properties of the solid polymer material Polywood’s made of that make these plantation shutters so energy efficient. Yet what makes Polywood even more energy efficient than composite shutters is the weatherstripping on the louvers and panels. Simply interlock the weatherstripping as you close the panels to get the tightest seal possible against the effects of the weather outside. You won’t find all the energy savings that Polywood offers in any composite shutter.

Our Team In Vegas’s First Hand Experience With The Durability Of Polywood Shutters

Back in 2004, Sunburst Shutters Las Vegas had Polywood shutters attached to the sides of their trucks as part of the graphics. They were parked outside and sustained all the weather conditions Las Vegas is infamous for. That means excessive heat for more than five months a year!
Those shutters had been attached to our vehicles for almost 7 years. Our team conducted a test on the color retention value of Polywood. We wiped down the dusty Polywood shutter installed on the vehicle. And we compared it side by side to a new Polywood. We found the color to be unchanged. There wasn’t any visible signs of fading or discoloration. This was further validation for us that the Sunburst paint finish is the best in the market!
And since Polywood can endure so much heat and abuse on the side of a truck for 7+ years, it’s without a doubt the strongest shutter for your home in Cleveland, Ohio.

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