Heat-Blocking Shutters and More Tips To Cool Down Your Home

Nate Gromen
Cleveland living room indoor shutters
Summer is knocking on our door. And while lots of folks were begging for summer to get here way back in January, some might not be ready for the heat of summer.

But don’t sweat it, Sunburst Shutters Cleveland has a few pointers to get you ready to survive the summer when the temperatures start getting high, from heat-blocking shutters to ways to get your AC working better.

Interior Shutters Block Summer Heat

The path most of that sweltering summer heat takes to get into your house is through your windows. By installing window treatments designed to block temperature flow, such as plantation shutters, you can greatly reduce the ambient temperature in your space this summer. Just take a look!

How Cleveland Shutters Keep Your Home Cool
The numbers are in: Polywood® plantation shutters have been shown to block up to 45% of the heat energy that can move through the windows. In some homes, that can result in a 30° temperature difference! Keep the shutters shut during the daytime to keep out heat and sunlight, then let them open up during the evening to let the cooler night air move through your house.
Modern lounge with casement shutters

Remember that energy efficiency isn’t just a benefit during summer. If you’re having a similar conversation about how to beat the cold once winter comes, plantation shutters may be your best solution.

Make Your Space More Energy Efficient

Effective window insulators like shutters can make your home more energy efficient, but there’s a lot more you can do. By doing some of these smaller projects, you can decrease energy waste, which can lead to higher temperatures inside:

  • Make sure all your air conditioning ducts are properly sealed and insulated. In addition, change out your air filter every 4-6 weeks to keep your system in top form.

  • Toss out your old inefficient incandescent light bulbs. With LEDs or CFL lights, you can reduce the heat radiated by your light bulbs without sacrificing brightness.

  • If your appliances are several years old, think about switching them with newer, more efficient ones. Certain appliances like your stove, water heater, and furnace contribute to a good chunk of the heat inside your house.

More Ways To Keep Cool In The Cleveland Summer

Though these projects may not dramatically increase your home’s energy efficiency, they still let you keep your house cool as the mercury goes up:

  • Make sure your ceiling fans are going counter-clockwise, so they move cold air downward. If your fans are turning clockwise, find the small switch on the fan itself that alternates the direction.

Cleveland sunroom with fan and shutters

  • Look into running a dehumidifier, especially in rooms that you spend the most time in your home. Lower air humidity means it’s easier for your AC system to cool your home, and dryer air is cooler on the skin.

  • If you have a lot of south-facing windows that don’t have any shutters on them, think about installing a canopy or awning to prevent the relentless sun from beating down on them.

Let Us Help You Beat The Heat

We’ve been helping Clevelanders cover their windows for years, so we’re experts in how to stay comfortable at summertime. If you want to make it through the season without a sweat, give us a ring at 440-561-6787 today or fill out our free consultation form below. Together we can beat the heat and enjoy the Cleveland summer.