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Contemporary Kitchen Window Treatments for Cleveland Homeowners

October 08, 2015
When it comes to looks and practicality, the best choice for window treatments for your kitchen are faux wood shutters or faux wood blinds.

Why are those two the best options? Faux wood blinds and shutters are the best at standing up to the messes and humidity of most kitchens, in addition to giving you privacy and fantastic looks.

Take a look at how shutters and blinds stand up to the heat, and stay in the kitchen in Cleveland homes.

Faux Wood Shutters – A Kitchen Window’s Perfect Match 

plantation shutters in Cleveland dining room

For all those things you need from a window treatment, Cleveland’s best faux wood shutters offer. Think about what you need from any kitchen furnishing:
  • It needs to be waterproof. Steam coming off the stove, splashes from cleaning off dishes, or spilled drinks can destroy the appeal of most window treatments. Faux wood shutters are completely moisture-proof, as well as coated with an extra layer of protective finish.

  • It needs to be easily cleaned. Let’s face it – kitchens get messy. So when that tomato sauce flies toward your window and onto your shutters, all you’ll need is a wipe with a slightly wet cloth to make them good as new.

  • It should be easy to use. Need to open your window quickly to let steam from dinner escape? Need to sit that pie fresh from the oven on the window sill to cool? Shutters are easy to operate, and give you full access to your window.

The vast majority of window treatments don’t offer any of those benefits, let alone all of them. Draperies and shades can easily stain, any real wood window treatment won’t last long in a humid room like the kitchen, and metal blinds can be a pain to open or shut in a pinch.

Cleveland kitchen patio door shutters 

Not to mention the fact that plantation shutters look absolutely gorgeous in the kitchen. With quartz, hardwood and slate countertops at the height of popularity in Cleveland, faux wood shutters give your kitchen a look that’s as gorgeous as anything you’ll see in a designer boutique.

That’s why Polywood® plantation shutters are your kitchen windows’ perfect match.

Faux Wood Blinds – Elegant Window Treatment For Modern Cleveland Kitchens

Polywood shutters are our first pick for Cleveland kitchens, but they aren’t the only thing that work in the kitchen. In Cleveland, faux wood blinds are our second pick for best kitchen window treatment.

Ohio faux wood blinds kitchen

Faux wood is usually moisture-resistant, so they’re already halfway there. Faux wood blinds are also stain-proof, so, a damp cloth will get them looking pristine again after a mess. Remember that blinds are a little more work to clean than shutters due to the size and number of slats. Also remember that certain blind cords could rot or wither after a long period of exposure to humidity, so be sure to ask about the cord material.

Faux wood blinds are great on windows right above the sink. In some Cleveland kitchens, your cabinets or appliances might not allow you enough room to open shutters completely. With blinds, a pull of the cord will open up your view.

Cleveland kitchen blinds 
And their looks are gorgeous. They may not be as universal as Polywood shutters, but faux wood blinds can pair with other natural materials like a limestone counter or natural wood cabinets and trim.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Window Treatments

Why don’t you recommend fabric window treatments like drapes or shades for windows in the kitchen?

The majority of fabric window treatments such as draperies or shades are easy to stain, making them not ideal for a busy kitchen. The moisture and humidity in a kitchen might also result in mildewing.

Do you recommend a certain color for my kitchen shutters or blinds?

For the kitchen, your best bet is a neutral tone. A solid white or off-white is an awesome options, because they’ll complement any modern countertops or appliances you install in the future. Blacks and browns also work well.

Which window treatment should I get if my kitchen window uses a lever to open?

If your kitchen windows open via lever, shutters will still work! We offer shutters with cut-out panels, giving you full access to your window.

Which kitchen window treatments are heat-resistant?

Polywood shutters are fire-resistant, and will never show discoloring even from prolonged exposure to heat, whether from the sun or from the oven.

If I’m remodeling my kitchen, when should I put in new window treatments?

Your window treatments, whether they’re blinds, shades, or shutters, should be one of the last things you do 90% of the time. However, there’s a benefit to involving your shutter installer early on in your remodel to coordinate timelines, and better match styles and colors.

Get The Kitchen of Your Dreams With Better Window Treatments

Faux wood shutters and faux wood blinds are our top picks for most Cleveland kitchens, but your kitchen might be different. If you want some personal attention for your windows, schedule an in-home consultation with one of Sunburst’s window treatment pros. Call us at 440-561-6787 or use the form below.

And for window treatment recommendations for the other rooms in your home, check out our Total Room Window Guide.