Best Window Treatments For Kids And Animals

Nate Gromen

It’s finally Saturday in Cleveland, and you’re appreciating a lazy morning watching some TV. Suddenly, a loud noise from the kids’ room snaps you back into reality. Rushing to the noise, you quickly survey the damage -- snapped blind slats on the floor. The children have disappeared, but with kids and pets, cracked window treatments are not a surprise.

So, what is the best window treatment that can withstand kids and pets? Faux wood plantation shutters may be your best option.


The Reasoning Against Blinds And Draperies

Blinds are flimsy because of how they are made. Most blinds are made up from a series of thin slats that are joined on each side by a strip of cord. Blinds are supposed to be lightweight and pliable but can certainly become broken when bumped into. A tough bump can separate a slat from the cord or crack it apart. Your new puppy may appear sweet poking his head through your blinds watching the outside, but you might have to buy a new window treatment when a squirrel scampers by. Also, any cords drooping down are a strangulation hazard for both children and animals.

Drapes and curtains may not do much better with children or pets. Because they are attached loosely from one rod above the frame, they can be ripped down fairly easily. Ones that go to the floor are the right height for toddlers and infants or adventurous pets to tug on. Cleaning also can be hard, as paint-covered handprints and paw markings might only come off when brought to the dry cleaners, if that.

Plantation Shutters Can Withstand Kids And Pets

Plantation shutters are the preferred choice to keep up with your family’s active lifestyle, especially when they are made of quality faux-wood, like Polywood®. Shutters let natural light in, like blind, shades, and curtains, but use solid louvers instead of employing fragile cords. With solid louvers and a rigid tilt rod, they can endure inattentive kids and unpredictable pets.

Family room with wall map and plantation shutters

Faux wood is also perfect for children and animals because it’s quicker to clean and won’t warp, splinter or crack. The strong composite material can hold up to almost everything given to them, no matter what your family does. Polywood also has the nice feature of having no cords, making it a lot safer for your family.

Have a Sunburst Representative Bring Stronger Window Treatments to Your Windows

You could just leave the blinds up and keep worrying about the draperies. Or, you can have a Sunburst representative illustrate how plantation shutters can be the perfect window treatment for your windows. To arrange a free in-home consultation, call 440-561-6787 now.