Can Plantation Shutters Be Installed as Café Style Shutters in Cleveland?

A half shutter gives you privacy along the bottom of the window and the top is left open to let in light. However, with the large louvers of plantation shutters, is it the best style for your windows?

The café or half-shutter look can work well with the large louvers of a plantation shutter – if it’s designed properly. That’s why having a divider rail is so important for café shutters in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Divider Rail Solution

A divider rail gives your plantation shutters a completed, fully finished appearance on the window. At the same time, it allows you to tilt closed the bottom louvers for your privacy and adjust the top ones to let in light. Adjusting the top louvers comes in handy during the day when the sun is preventing you from watching TV. A louver that is 3.5” or 4.5” is barely noticeable when opened flat, offering you a lot of space to look out of. You won’t be afraid of sacrificing your view.

Cafe Style Shutters with Divider Rail

When it comes down to it, it’s a choice about style – whether you desire the style of a half shutter or of a full plantation shutter with a divider rail.

How Are Café Style Shutters Designed?

We start by measuring the dimensions of your window, marking where to stop the shutters – for that café style. Next, we return to our workshop and order your hand-fashioned plantation shutters to meet those measurements – and note whether your shutters have a divider rail. Relying on a combination of cutting-edge computer technology and unique templates based on your windows, we manufacture the plantation shutters in the café style – and add the finishes and colors of your choosing.

Our expert installers will mount the café shutters on your windows. They’ll double check that the louvers will open and the divider rail – if included – is mobile.

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